Can you give?
Sat, Nov 10 2:16pm

On behalf of Jessica Salsbury and Nick Hahn, I'd like to share this email:


Hi everyone,


Just a quick note, on the last day of the fall fundraising campaign, to share why our family decided to give more to Breakthrough this year and to make a recurring monthly donation.  Now in our third year, we still feel incredibly lucky to have found this school.  We are blown away, again and again, by the thoughtfulness, wisdom, and care displayed by the Breakthrough staff each day.  We love this community.  And we are grateful that our children are valued individually for who they are.


We also know that the school needs our support.  Money is tight this year, not just for “dream” projects, but also for the basics, and for modest but important projects to support our teaching staff and let them know that they are appreciated.   We felt that we could give more if we stretched it out over the course of the year.  And, honestly, this is the first year in a long time that we aren’t paying for daycare, so we have a little extra to give, and investing in Breakthrough’s future seems like a no-brainer to us.  


It looks like we may not meet the $18,000 campaign goal this year, and we realize that everyone’s situation is different—but if you haven’t already donated, or could give a little more, please consider doing so!


Warm regards,


Jessica Salsbury and Nick Hahn

Parents of Colin (Sequoia Room) and Julian (Willow Room)