Diversity and Inclusion Lending Library Launch
Thu, Mar 14 12:50pm

The SHA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee, with support from the Breakthrough Staff, has created an excellent lending library of Diversity and Inclusion focused books that parents can check out from either campus at anytime.


Here's everything you need to know to make use of this excellent resource:


Diversity and Inclusion Lending  Library Information


What: A shared collection of vetted books for the Breakthrough family community that includes a variety of topics regarding diversity and inclusion. Some topics include self-pride, family structure, race, culture/ethnicity, activism, and ability, to name a few!   


Why:  SHA as well BMPCS has a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Diversity and Inclusion Lending Library provides a concrete way for families to actively share and discuss a wide variety of experiences, perspectives, and identities with their own child(ren) as well as other families with the intent to foster  the concepts of understanding, respect, and peace.


Where they are located: The Petworth books are in the Family Room and the Takoma books are in the back hallway to the right past the receptionist desk.


When to Check Out: Monday through Friday  (excluding holidays and other closures)


How long can books be checked out? Books can be taken home and kept for up to 2 weeks.


How to Check Out

To check out any book from the parent library at either campus, please follow these easy steps: 

1) Choose the book you would like to check out for up to a 2-week period. 

2) Locate the Check-Out binder that is with the library books

3) Find the page that is associated with the book you want to borrow (numerical order)

4) Fill out the listed information on the Check-Out Sheet

5) Enjoy the book and bring it back to the campus you borrowed it from. 

6) Be sure to note the return-date on book's Check-Out Sheet


Question or more information?  Here's who to talk to:

Rebecca Bonhomme, SHA Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member

email: rebeccabonhomme1986@gmail.com, phone:203-893-2064

Petworth Staff Contact: Mrs Leslie, primary guide

Takoma Staff Contact: Mrs. Landy, front desk and operations associate