How BMPCS's Families Communicate - Are You Connected?
Wed, Apr 1 6:53pm


With so many communication options, this is an explanation of how we use our online tools. They are more important now than ever! Let’s stay connected.



Konstella is where Breakthrough’s families communicate. You can find things like SHA meeting agendas, minutes and SHA committees there.  We also plan the Back to School Picnic, Family Fun Night, and our Spring Camping Trip on Konstella.  While faculty are welcomed to join, Konstella is a tool primarily for parents. You can message parents individually, as well as communicate with your entire class.  If there are pictures you’d like to share, Konstella has a place for photos.  It is very important that 100% of our parents are on Konstella so that everyone is included and informed as we plan special events.  We suggest allowing for push notifications to your phone and email, so you don’t miss important updates and messages.



FACEBOOK (Private: “Families of Breakthrough DC”): We have a private Facebook page exclusive to BMPCS families.  You can ask questions, share pictures, news articles, or just chit-chat with the Breakthrough community.  We also post notifications for SHA events on this page. Please be sure to join.  You must answer a few questions for approval. These questions just confirm that you are a member of the Breakthrough community. It helps to ensure a safe space.


INSTAGRAM: We have a new Instagram page! You can follow us @breakthroughmontessorisha. This is a public page but please feel free to tag us in pictures you are comfortable sharing.  We are also following innovative thinkers in Montessori education, we’re sure you’ll enjoy their resources and perspectives.


FACEBOOK (Public Account: “Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School”): Our school’s public Facebook account is primarily operated by Breakthrough’s Administration. Be sure to follow it and like it.



Transparent Classroom is your window into your child’s daily life at school.  Pictures posted by guides allow you to see your child in action and learn about the activities they are engaged in.  A simple click can guide you through the purpose of class activities while offering advice for how to support this work at home.   This is also where you go for updates on your child’s progress.  If you take some time to move around the site, you can learn more about Montessori education.  This is also another way to connect with parents or find contact information for parents in your class.  It’s also the best resource for staff contact information.

While guides and Classroom Parent Reps may have other tools and apps that they use to organize schedules, messages, and classroom needs; Konstella and Transparent Classroom are the two primary sites that you need to be signed into if you want to know what’s happening at Breakthrough Montessori.  Below, please find tips for logging onto Konstella.  If you are a returning parent, please help encourage new parents to sign up for Konstella and Transparent Classroom.