Imagine...Donate today!
Mon, Nov 5 2:49pm

Dear Breakthrough Family, 


Imagine you are at another DC charter school, and they ask you for a long list of items your child needs for school (e.g., pencils, tissue, clorox wipes, notebooks, etc). The list of those items could cost around $50 to $100 dollars, depending on how long the list is. 


Now, think about Breakthrough... Instead of asking for a long list of items, we ask you to donate whatever you can, at whatever level you can. Every dollar counts! Breakthrough offers a high-quality, free Montessori education for all our children. We want to ensure that classroom needs are met and decrease the fundraising requests during this school year.  

This is the last week of the Breakthrough SHA fundraising campaign.  As of today, we have raised $10,569 dollars (58% of our goal) of the proposed $18,000 dollars we want to raise.  We are at 20% of family participation.  Our goal for the SHA is achieving participation from 100% of Breakthrough families. Please take a moment and donate at any level, whether that is $5 dollars or $200 dollars, let's make a difference for our children. 

This is the final week for the fundraiser! Please help us reach our goal.  Let's give our children a great school year with the help of your donation. 

Here is how you can give: 

All donations are tax-deductible: EIN 82-1015394. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you for helping make our children's school year even better! 


Miguelina Zapata


Breakthrough SHA