Tue, Oct 29
Breakthrough Montessori
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We are entering the last few days of our 2019 BMPCS SHA Fall Fundraiser.  Giving ends midnight, Tuesday, October 29th.  If you've already given, please consider giving a little more.  We are $8,000 short of our $18,100 goal.   


If you donate more than $100 you will win a month of unlimited yoga classes at Yoga Heights!!



How Will the Money Be Used?

- Books for classroom libraries for each month’s diversity and inclusion theme

- Gifts for guides and assistants during winter holidays and teacher appreciation week

- Grant funds for guides to use on materials, activities, field trips and events in the classroom (such as Crock Pots, baking equipment, art materials, etc.)

- Funds for guides to pursue professional development opportunities

- Our families, by making before and after care programs more affordable to families in need

- Giving generously in the fall ensures that classroom needs are met and helps to minimize additional fundraising requests during the school year


Every Gift Counts!

If every family gives $100, we will exceed our goal, that one-time contribution will help for the rest of the year. We know that every family has a different ability to give but each dollar you give has tremendous impact. Consider what the following gift amounts can provide for Breakthrough:

- $12 a month/$110 one-time gift can buy a book a month for a classroom library.

- $55 a month/$500 one-time gift funds an entire classroom grant—money guides can use for supplies, activities, field trips, etc.

- $225 a month/$2,000 one-time gift means the SHA can send guides to the Montessori for Social Justice Conference, a valuable professional development opportunity.

We have a $18,100 goal! Whether you give $5 dollars or $200 dollars, it makes a difference for our children. 


Here is how you can give: 

All donations are tax-deductible: EIN 82-1015394. Please invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and any private business or funding source you can think of to donate - all can participate through our giving fuel link.  Our fundraiser runs Tuesday, October 1 – October 29, 2019.