SHA This Week 1/12/18
Fri, Jan 12 10:39am
Happy New Year, Family!

We are so pleased to start 2018 with each of you!  We are looking forward to again providing enriching and enjoyable programs for our children and families of Breakthrough.  Before we left for winter break, the Executive Committee started brainstorming different ways to better support our community.  We are so excited that some of our plans our finally coming into fruition.  A few things to look for this year:

Family Room: Tired of waiting in the hallway when your little one is still finishing up their work? Yeah, us too! The leadership team has agreed to let the main conference room double as a family room.  After drop off or before afternoon pick-up, please stop by the area. Feel free to use the space as a place to catch up with other families, meet new parents, learn about school happenings through flyers and displays, drop us a line in our suggestion box or just catch your breath at the end of a long day.  Occasionally you’ll find some pastries and coffee in there.

Lending Library:  In November, Breakthrough and SHA co-hosted an Equity Session with Jenn Roberts.  This long overdue conversation came after quite a few parents expressed concerns about issues on diversity, equity and inclusion at the school.   Though we are still planning some follow-ups for the session, we thought a lending library would be a nice place to start.  When we are done building our reading selection, we hope to have a library filled with high quality children’s book that focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion that we can share with all families.  We encourage all parents to sign out (and return) these books as resources.  Use them to start and/or to reinforce conversations with our children about race, gender, family structures, cultural practices, disabilities - the plethora of things that make us unique and beautiful. If you are donating books to the school for the cultural/heritage themes in the classroom, feel free to bring us a few to share for the home. 

School Trip: We’ve planned a school wide trip to see the Tales of Beatrix Potter (puppet show).  Though all the classes won’t see the puppet show on the same day, every class will be able to participate.     All information will be posted shortly on Konstella.  You will be able to see the day and time your child’s class is going and sign-up to be a chaperone.

Yoga in the Morning: One of our wonderful parents, Mariela Gomez, will help us bring yoga and mindful meditation to Breakthrough this month.  She will provide each classroom with a 30 minute session.  Each session will start at 9am, giving each child an opportunity to arrive at school (but not interrupting their work cycle too much.)  Mindful meditation and yoga is a great way to help children de-stress, build social-emotional awareness, develop body awareness and increase their confidence and self-image.  Mariela’s sessions include: bell, breathwork, gratitude practice, body warm-ups, moving and learning poses and so much more.

These are just a few things going on in the new year.  Additional updates are below and more to come in 2018!  Be kind to each other and yourselves!



Thanks to the Professional Development parent group that has been working to find options for our families on days Breakthrough is closed. 

SMILE Montessori is open to a partnership with Breakthrough to cover PD days or other random days off as an option for our families. The director is a former beloved highly recommended teacher at LAMB and Montessori Estrellitas.

If you are interested in more information and options for care for your child, please sign up for the PD group on Konstella.  Updates, pricing and options will all be communicated there. 

Marcela (Lala) Tampe / / Tel. 703-403-6309

If you would like to join any committee please do so on Konstella in order to be a part of communication related to that committee and RSVP for meetings.  If you are not ready to join, but interested in attending and meeting, please feel free to do so! Send questions to and we will get you connected with the right person! 

Thank you to all the families that generously contributed towards the holiday gifts for the guides and the classroom assistants. The SHA was able to collect $1,920 which allowed us to give a $120 check as a gift for each of the 16 guides/assistants in the school.

Coming in February -  Valentine's Bake Sale!  This will be a chance for children and families to make valentine cards, buy baked goods and other sweets.  Details to come soon.


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Asian History / Chinese New Year

This month, we have great news!  Our new parent center (first door on the left when you enter the school) will house a SHA lending library of multi-cultural children’s books.

To support this initiative, we are requesting two copies of each book for our Monthly Focus.  Starting this month, one copy will be donated to the school’s general use library, for guides to use in the classroom, while the other will circulate through our lending libraries, for families to share.  Our requested booklist will be posted on Konstella, with room for two families to donate each title on the list. Thank you for your support!

Ms.  Abigail has created language, art, and cultural materials for the classrooms to use this month.  There are a few requests for supplies that even include play lists you can share!  Please check the Konsteall sign up list for details. 

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