SHA This Week 1/25/18
Thu, Jan 25 1:08pm

The new year is off to an active start for our community! Below you will find some things that students are experiencing during the school day and other community events that parents can join in on.

The permanent link to the Facilities Q&A that the school circulated is here>>> for your reference.

The next Monday Memo will have the minutes from the last SHA Community meeting and an new information the SHA has to share regarding the facility transition.

Have a great rest of the week!  




The SHA is excited to bring enrichments directly to our children! Take a look below as to what is currently happening.


Yoga Enrichments:  Early Morning Yoga has started at Breakthrough.  This is a one-time course taught by Mariela Gomez.  She visits one class a day at 9:00am for a 30-session.  Classes have taken place or will this week -  Ms. Ebony (1/17), Ms. Abigail (1/22), Ms. Leslie (1/24), Ms. Leticia (1/25), Ms. Marissa (1/26).

School Trip:  Everyone received notification via Konstella as to when your child’s class will be going to see the Tales of Beatrix Potter (puppet show).  Thanks to all those who have already signed up to chaperone.  We need a few more parents for the 2/2 and 2/9 trips.  Details and sign up can all be found on Konstella.

Extended Day:  The SHA has been able to financially support the addition of enrichments to the Breakthrough-run extended day program.  Capoiera, dance, music and yoga are happening weekly. 



Diversity & Inclusion brings us a few events in February.  Here are the details and how you can join in!


Parent Equity Session, Part II
February 8 / 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Breakthrough Montessori Family Room


In early December, Breakthrough and SHA co-hosted an Equity Session with Jenn Roberts. This long overdue conversation came after parents expressed concerns about diversity, equity, and inclusion at the school.  Due to feedback we received about the first Equity session, SHA will be hosting a 2nd Equity session to update the Breakthrough community what we have been doing to address these concerns, get more feedback, and brainstorms next steps.

Share your stories! Give us Feedback! Brainstorm and Propose Next Steps!

Childcare and food for students will be available. RSVP to attend and for childcare on Konstella.


Breakthrough Staff-Parent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reading Group

February 15 / 5:00pm - 6:00pm / Breakthrough Family Room


SHA and Breakthrough will be hosting monthly reading groups to discuss articles focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. This is an opportunity to have open conversations regarding these topics and create an environment in which everyone feels like they belong.  More details will be sent out a week before reading group with article and guiding questions.  RSVP on Konstella.


If you would like to join any committee please do so on Konstella in order to be a part of communication related to that committee and RSVP for meetings.  If you are not ready to join, but interested in attending and meeting, please feel free to do so! Send questions to and we will get you connected with the right person! 

Coming February 13

Valentine's Bake Sale & Card Making!

This will be a chance for children and families to make valentine cards, buy baked goods and other sweets.  Details announced next week. 

Asian History / Chinese New Year

Ms.  Abigail has created language, art, and cultural materials for the classrooms to use this month.  Thank you for all those who donated rquested items!  


Students have experienced various topical book readings, lessons on Origami and lantern making. Ms. Abigail has also shared some traditional dress from Japan as well as shown puppet box stories.


From Our School: 

Family Involvement in Recruitment and Outreach

BMPCS staff member Emily Hedin has asked for family support in in recruitment and outreach through the upcoming lottery season.  There are a number of planned events through the city on a variety of dates.  If you would like to join in as a parent representative, please sign up on Konstella. 

Additionally, if you would like to host a family information center at your home and/or offer suggestions as to where to post flyers in locations to promote our Montessori school, please reach out to Emily.

Additional questions or logistics that pertain all of the above can be directed to

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