SHA This Week 3/14/18
Wed, Mar 14 5:06pm

Hello Family,

Thank you again for your attendance at the SHA Community Meeting yesterday!  If you were unable to physically be there, we'll count you there in spirit and thanks to those who used the conference line to be with us.   
Last night was particularly important because it reminded me how important our voice is.  When decisions are made [no matter on the school or board level], they cannot be done in a bubble.  Supporting all children also means engaging and listening to the needs of their families.  In fact, in Breakthrough's charter, that is one of the pillars of our community-- parent engagement.  It is vital that we continue to make sure the school grows and fully implements what's written in its charter (make 'em walk it like they talk it!)  
We will send out the minutes from last night in Monday's memo; however, here are a few takeaways that will be shared with the Board and the school leadership team:
- What are the metrics to that measure how the school's committement to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion is being carried out? 
- The late start of the school year, coupled with the move to Takoma does not help create the student body profile that is outlined in the charter. 
- Trust of parent voices is not something the board is not respecting.
- Families behing told that issues can not be resolved due to conflict of interest with Montessori practices.  How can we board/staff/admin
/families work together to manage issues and uphold Montessori practices. 
- Social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion need ot be prioritized and carried out as part of the curriculum. 
- No guide representation on the board, thought it is stated there is to be one in the charter.
- There needs to be communication with famlies around diversity, equity, inclusion and the anti-bia policy. 
- Is the staff equity group operating? 
- What is the annual plan for guide professional development around  diversity, equity and inclusion.
- Share the chart and mission with the parent body during the school year, along with any policy updates. 
Also, as promised to families, here is a copy of Breakthrough's Charter We hope you get a chance to read through it. 
We also hope to see you at tomorrow night's Board meeting.  It will be held from 5pm-7pm in the Family Room at Breakthrough.  Some parents have volunteered to help with childcare, so please don't let that stop you from coming out.  Of course if you are unable to make it, we will send out minutes in next week's newsletter.  Our board and our school administration needs to hear more from us!   
Thank you again,


Diversity & Inclusion Monday March 19th, 5-7. Via conferencd call line (dial in on Konstella)

Breakthrough Staff-Parent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reading Group

Wed March 21 / 5-6p / Breakthrough Family Room & Conference Line (details on Konstella)

Please see the (3) attached items that will be discussed on the 21st.  

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