School is Open Today
Thu, Nov 15 7:39am

Hi, All--


Here's the official word from Emily:


“we do have school today at our normal time. There is no closure or delay.”


See you soon & stay warm, friends!




Here’s the official BTM policy on school closure:

The administration of Breakthrough Montessori values the safety of the entire Breakthrough community. In the event of a weather-related emergency or snow accumulation where safe travel to and from school for guides, families, students, and staff is affected, the administrative team may decide to delay or close school. Although the majority of delay and closing decisions follow the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Breakthrough will independently judge travel conditions and publish a closing or delay decision by 5:00 AM.

All delays are based off an 8:30 AM school start time. 
1 hour delay: School starts at 9:30 AM
90 minute delay: School starts at 10:00 AM
2 hour delay: School starts at 10:30 AM
Closing and delay decisions will be published in various locations including: the Breakthrough text message system, the Breakthrough listserv, the Breakthrough Facebook page, the SHA listserv, and local television stations. Parents can also access information from the Public Charter School Board website at and by following the DC Public Charter School Board on Twitter at @DCPCSB.