Tuesdays in the Woods Playgroup
Weekly on and Tuesdays from Oct 2, 2018 to Jun 17, 2019
Rock Creek Park (17th & Colorado Ave.)


Woods Playgroup happens every Tuesday starting around 4pm. We meet at where 17th St NW dead-ends on Colorado Ave. There's street parking, and we walk together to a spot in the woods and let the kids have unstructured play time until around 5:30/6pm. It's a mix of ages of kids from both campuses. Parents hang out on picnic blankets and those who want to, bring snacks to share. The kids have a great time and it's a fun, low key way to get to know other parents too.   All Breakthrough Families Welcome! And anyone else you’d like to bring along.  No RSVP is necessary but if you'd like more information, please contact Jenn DePalma (depalma.jennifer@gmail.com).


Woods Playgroup happens every Tuesday afternoon weather permitting.



This activity is organized by Breakthrough parents