Updating your profile for 2018-2019
Wed, Aug 1 11:36am

Hello all! 

As we near the start of the  2018-2019 Breakthrough Montessori school year, there are a few Konstella house keeping items that we need your help with. If you are receiving this email you fit in one of the categories below.  Please read below and take any steps as needed.  


1) I'm no longer at Breakthrough Montessori. How do I unsubscribe? While we have removed the profiles of families that are no longer at the school to best of our knowledge, we might have missed someone!  Here is how you can remove yourself.

From the desktop webpage.  Click your name on the left-hand menu. Go to Your Roles page. Remove yourself from your school. 

From the app.  This option is not available from the app.  Please email bethany224@gmail.com or private message via Konstella and Bethany will remove you.  


2) My child is changing classrooms, how do I update that information? 

Please note, that we have changed information for some families that we had the specific classroom details for.  But for sure we don't have all that data yet!  Please check your information and change it if need be with one of the options below. 

From the desktop webpage. Users can update the information on specific Profile Settings pages (e.g. Your Children and Account Settings -> Basic) by clicking their names at the top left corner.  

From the app. Users can update the information on specific Profile Settings pages.  Click the top left corner settings wheel -> Your Children.  If your child is not in the correct classroom click on the child's name, then room option at the bottom of the next screen and choose correct classroom. 


Thanks for taking these steps to verify information so we are able to have everyone in the correct classroom and receive the correct information from the beginning of the school year!  

Happy August!