Voting Now Open / Bylaw Amendements
Wed, Jan 22 - Wed, Jan 29
Google Form & Front Desks
The voting period is now open for the bylaws now through January 29th.  Please review the below and vote via the electronic ballot or paper ballot at either campus.  
The bylaws committee, with the help of feedback from the SHA community, worked to resolve contradictions that are in the current bylaws, revise information to better fit the SHA's goals and operations after functioning for 3+ years and provide clarification where needed. 
The PDFs with current bylaws and proposed amendments (see blue highlighted items) are attached to this email for your reference. 

Per the current bylaws, one vote per family may be cast.  Meaning, one parent or guardian casts one vote representing that family no matter the number of children in the family unit or the number of households in the family unit.  

We appreciate families taking the time to vote on this important matter. Votes will be accepted electronically through midnight on 1/28 and paper ballots will be collected from each campus. The final opportunity to vote is via paper ballot at the SHA meeting on 1/29.    

Voting information is confidential and will only be used by the Bylaw Committee to tally the results and confirm that no more than one vote per family was cast.