Ways to Connect and Engage in the SHA
Tue, Sep 28 9:09pm

Hello SHA!


We have many ways to get involved in the SHA and benefit our students and the school.  Several sign-ups (through Konstella) are available with a variety of ways you can get involved, and some more will come soon.  You can also easily find the sign-ups on on the SHA's website:  https://www.breakthroughsha.org/sign-up-to-volunteer/


Our immediate need begins this Friday:  washing the lunch blankets our children sit on during lunch (the "Lunch Mat Laundromat" sign-up).  


The current opportunities to plug in are:

  • Executive Committee Vacancy
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Community Identity Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Library Committee
  • Classroom Representative Support Committee
  • Konstella Volunteers
  • Webmaster & Website Designer
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Book Club
  • Lunch Mat Laundromat
  • Class Pet Pals
  • Distance Learning Support


A few more opportunities are coming: like fundraising and a DEI committee.  We are waiting a little longer before setting up those committees to give the Treasurer and Director of Diversity and Inclusion (hopefully identified soon) the opportunity to envision those roles. 


We always want to hear your feedback!  Please tell us if you have ideas for other committees or ways to engage.


Amanda Lutz, Vice President

Kendra Harpster, President

Colesha Johnson, Director of Communications

Tyrone Short, Secretary

Sarah Savoy, Treasurer

Vacant, Director of Diversity & Inclusion