Winter Staff Gifts
Fri, Nov 18 12:37pm

Hello Families! 


With next week's holiday around the corner, I'm sure you are turning your thoughts towards gift giving and appreciation for those people important in your lives.


Most of you have already received a message directly from your room parent about the SHA's shared effort in collecting contributions for Breakthrough staff gifts this December.  (If you haven't received an email, it is forthcoming).


There are two additional things to note:


1). Cash contributions are acceptable in a sealed envelope with "SHA GIFTS Attn: Kendra Harpster" clearly written on the front. You can give Ms. Landy, Ms. Heather, or Ms. Melissa your envelope at the front desk and your contribution will be added to the total. 


2). If you are contributing electronically via PayPal (PayPal contact @breakthroughsha), please note that the SHA is going to make up the 3% fee that is deducted from every donation so that our wonderful guides, aides and staff receive your entire gift. 


Thank you all for your attention and contributions. We really want to make the entire Breakthrough staff feel significantly acknowledged and thanked for everything they do for our students. 


Have a safe Thanksgiving break.


All best,