Sub-Committee: Field Day

Field Day is usually held 10:00am - 1:00pm, in Bridgeport Park.  

It requires advanced planning and coordination.  

Sign-Up Genius is highly recommended to secure volunteers and donations.

One Committee lead should coordinate Field Day.

Typically, one station per graduating classroom is planned by the committee lead with approximately 15-20 minutes allotted per rotation.

In addition to the stations, committee members should set up a water table for students (PTA's water coolers, donated water, and dixie cups can be used, and easy-up shelters are encouraged).

After all schedule rotations are complete, students have lunch.

Each Classroom is assigned a number or color or name.  A rotation map should be provided in advance to each teacher and to Field Day volunteers the morning of the event.  

The rotation map showed the basic field locations and numbers of each station.  

On the reverse side was a list of each individual teacher's name and their rotation schedule.

For lunch we can use the Saugus Union School District's Cruisin' Cafe to provide student lunches for Field Day.  

It should be reserved as far in advance as possible.

Kona Ice or Rita's can be used as one of the students' roation stations.  

Each student is given a raffle ticket to present to vendor.

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