10/25/2017 FUSD Board Highlights
Fri, Oct 27 12:10pm
Brookvale Elementary
Hi All,
Please see the 10/25/2017 FUSD Board Highlight as attached.
In a nutshell: 
1.  Board amended the lease with the City of Fremont for the joint use of park/playground adjacent to the new Elementary School in Warm Springs (i.e. Lila Bringhurst Elementary School). Here's the Board Resolution
2.  California School Dashboard report shows how FUSD schools are performing.
4.  Board extended the Marshall Site lease with Stratford School, so Spanish Immersion Program will not be able to start using the Marshall site until Fall 2019.
5.  Board authorized staff to negotiate agreements for the modernization projects at Kennedy HighMission San Jose High and Washington High.
6.  Board authorized staff to apply for a grant to install solar emergency microgrid.
Some of the topics raised during oral presentation last night were:
1.  Conserving water 
2.  Teen Centers for Fremont Jr. high schools
3.  Swimming pool at MSJHS
4.  Sexual harassment policies 
Click here if you wish to watch the video of last night's meeting.