Box Tops Collection & Contests - April Winner
Wed, May 26 3:25pm

The PTA has partnered with Brookvale's Student Council to raise awareness about collecting Box Tops to earn funds for our school. Collect or scan the Box Tops to win a prize for your grade. 

Deadline for May Contest:
Monday, May 31, 2021
Box Tops turned in at school are appreciated at any time (methods below), but for your Box Tops to count toward the May contest, make sure to log your Box Tops on the form below by 5/31.


How to Participate:

  • For the older-style Box Tops clips: Cut the clips and collect them in an envelope or Ziploc bag. Write your teacher’s name and the number of Box Tops collected.
  • For the newer-style Box Tops: Use the ​Box Tops app​ to scan your receipts.

  • Please drop the Box Tops clips at school on the dates below. There will be a box marked Box Tops​ at the flagpole. The dates are (weather permitting):

    • Mon. 6/7

  • Alternatively, you can also turn in your Box Tops to your teacher on the days you come for material pick-up.

  • Please log your Box Tops totals on the form below to help your grade win a prize!


Please support the Student Council and PTA joint effort!