Box Tops Collection and Contests
Fri, Apr 23 7:05pm

The PTA has partnered with Brookvale's Student Council to raise awareness about collecting Box Tops to earn funds for our school. Collect or scan the Box Tops to win a prize for your grade. There will be a new winner each month for March, April, and May.

How to Participate:

  • For the older-style Box Tops clips: Cut the clips and collect them in an envelope or Ziploc bag. Write your teacher’s name and the number of Box Tops collected.
  • For the newer-style Box Tops: Use theBox Tops appto scan your receipts.

  • Please drop the Box Tops clips at school on the dates below. There will be a box marked Box Tops​ at the flagpole. The dates are (weather permitting):

    • Wed. 4/28

    • Mon. 5/10

    • Wed. 5/26

    • Mon. 6/7

  • Alternatively, you can also turn in your Box Tops to your teacher on the days you come for material pick-up.

  • Please log your Box Tops totals on the form below to help your grade win a prize!


Please support the Student Council and PTA joint effort!