Bronco Gallop Fundraiser Behind Target $12,000!
Tue, Oct 24 1:16pm
Brookvale Elementary
Dear Brookvale Parents,
A friendly reminder for you and your students to turn in their Bronco Gallop sponsors/donations this week. The individual student goal is $100. Donations tracked for the Top Earner competition will be until October 31st.
School-wide Goal Status update:
We are currently at $23,000 of our $35,000 of our school-wide goal. So in order for the PTA to do all that we have planned for this year, we need your help in reaching this goal.
Here are a couple of pics from the Bronco Gallop last Friday. Your students had a great time getting some nice fresh air and walking/trotting/galloping to some fun music!
Best Regards,
Brookvale PTA