Bronco Gallop pledges
Wed, Oct 18 6:21pm
Brookvale Elementary

Brookvale students and families,

We are gearing up for our Bronco Gallop walk-a-thon! Thank you for your patience with the unpredictable air quality, we hope that this Friday will be clear for us.

The walk schedule is attached to this email, for parents who wish to come help or cheer the students on. It is also available on our website. (Please remember to sign in at the office if you come on campus during school hours).


Although we are asking students to turn in their pledge sheet and envelopes (with money) on Friday, we are happy to accommodate anybody who wants to turn it in early. There is a box inside the office, and PTA members will be at a table in front of the office before and after school.

We are encouraging students to reach for the $100 goal, but appreciate donations of any amount. (We will also be accepting donations through October, if students want to continue collecting pledges to reach the goal.)

Thank you so much!

Brookvale PTA


Time for walk

Teacher name

Grade level


Ashford, Burchard, Huang, Divizich



Rodriguez, Schilling, Cheng, Santos, Kato

Grade 1, Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4


Strickland, Becker, Gow

Grade 1


Luo, Haller, Bi, Fulton

Grade 2, Grade 2/3


Dillon, Bobosky, Munoz, Pearsall

Grade 6, Grade 5


Lunch break

Lunch break


Ynzunza, Hatfield, Garcia,

Grade 3


Chug, Browning, Bloss, Maciel

Grade 4, Grade 5


Primary recess

Primary recess


Schumacher, Fang, Uyeda, Whiting

Kindergarten, TK


Clean up

Clean up