CULTURE LOOPS - a PTA-sponsored student assembly
Thu, Jan 25
Brookvale Elementary


An educational tour of the Middle-East, Latin America and West-Africa

Take a fascinating tour of West-Africa, the Middle-East, and Latin-America without leaving the school. Culture Loopspresents the music from those three regions on authentic instruments that students and staff find toe-tappingly informative.

Students will be guided by award-winning composer/recording artist/teacher Michael Smolens single-handedly creates a whole ensemble, playing and ‘looping’ a half-dozen parts that magically interweave. This is a powerful and inspiring role modeling for students to see a multi-instrumentalist play so many different instruments from different cultures using modern looping technology.

The instruments used are: Senegalese balafon (marimba) and djun-djuns (conga-like drums), Turkish dumbek (goblet-shaped hand drum), Brazilian tamborim (small tambourine), shaker, melodica (small reed keyboard), alto flute, and voice & vocal bass.

1st performance: 1:30 - 2:00 (4th to 6th)
2nd performance: 2:15 - 2:45 (TK to 3rd)