Fri, Sep 30 5:00pm-8:00pm
Brookvale Elementary


Hello again families, 


I apologize for the multitude of messages around the carnival, but there's a lot going on and we're all super excited to see you there! Also,  we've been fielding questions from some of you and think it would help if we addressed them openly for others who may have similar questions, but haven't asked. I promise this is the last carnival update!


Food: We will have additional pizza, chips, churros, and Coca Cola for sale. Cash only. If you purchased a wristband, a slice of pizza and water/juice is included and you will have a redeemable ticket with your wristband.


Wristbands: Pick-ups start no earlier than 4:50p. We will have wristbands for sale tomorrow @ $20 ea if you missed the pre-sale. We will also have individual game tickets for sale.


Raffle: We will be announcing presale wristband raffle winners at 7pm.


Thank you again everyone!!