FINAL Reminder - Reflections Art Competition Submission
Sun, Oct 20 11:29pm

Reflections Art Competition

As we quickly approach the Reflections art competition deadline of Mon. 10/21 at 3:30pm, we would like to repeat the three required steps for a successful entry:

  1. Fill out parent contact form.
  2. Upload both artwork and entry form to the shared folder before the deadline.
  3. Submit the physical artwork with entry form attached in the Reflections dropbox in the school office before the deadline.

We are not able to promote your child's artwork to the next level of competition if any of the steps listed above are missing.

The Reflections competition is a big process. Take advantage of the Reflections Checklist in the Reflections packet to organize your child’s entry.

We look forward to seeing more submissions! 

Your Diligent Brookvale PTA Reflections Team