Golden Sneaker Contest
Mon, Mar 1 8:00am - Fri, Mar 5 8:00pm
In your neighborhood or home
1 day before

Golden Sneaker Contest
March 1-5, 2021

What is the Golden Sneaker Contest?

The Golden Sneaker Contest is a one-week classroom competition that seeks to inspire classroom spirit by encouraging students to work toward a classroom goal of being physically active by using active and shared transportation and indoor physical activity options such as:

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Rolling in a wheelchair or mobility device
  • Scootering, skateboarding, skating, or using any other human-powered wheels
  • Using public transit such as AC Transit or BART
  • Yoga, jumping jacks, or other indoor physical activities

How Does the Golden Sneaker Contest Work?

Students are encouraged to combine efforts with their classmates and be active, but participation is optional. Each day students report which option above they used the day before for fun, exercise, or essential trips. At the end of the competition, the class with the highest percentage of students engaging in these activities will win special incentives for both the students and teacher. Parents and guardians are encouraged to join their student for fun, even though adult-only activities/trips will not be counted.