It is not too late to help us reach our goal!
Wed, Nov 1 10:49am
Brookvale Elementary

Our Bronco Gallop fundraising goal is a moderate $35,000. Per student target is $100. We have collected $29,000 so far. We are $6,000 behind the goal.

PTA money goes to classroom funds ($22/student) and various enrichment assemblies loved by students and teachers such as STEAM museum assembly and music assemblies, cultural awareness events, Teacher Appreciation Week, etc. If we can’t reach our financial goal, we don’t have choice but to cut back all the above activities, unfortunately.

Please turn in your Bronco Gallop donation envelopes this week and consider meeting the per student goal. An active PTA and a great school experience needs the support from entire Brookvale community. Parents and teachers, we need your help!!! Friends and family can donate online, too!

Thank you!

Brookvale PTA