Library - Contact Paper Donation Request
Fri, Oct 20
Brookvale Elementary

Hello Brookvale Families!

Our librarian, Mrs. Baeza, thanks all of you who have donated gently used books for Brookvale's Library collection!

She has received 3 boxes full of books :-)

In order to help extend the life of the paperback book covers, she is asking parents to purchase rolls of Clear Contact Paper to donate. Contact Paper is adhered to the cover to give it strength.

Click on links below for more information Contact paper:

Amazon link $6.98 per roll

Target link $5.99 per roll


Please drop-off Contact Paper rolls directly to Mrs. Baeza, or have your child give it to her during their library time.

Note: There is no actual deadline, and your help at your earliest convenience is most appreciated!

Thanks for your support to Brookvale School.


Contact Paper Roll Signed Up: 6 / 0