Library - Contact Paper Donation Request
Thu, Nov 14 6:33am

Hello Brookvale Families!

We wanted to share a request from our librarian, Ms. Baeza...

Because the library has received so many new paperback books from Brookvale's book fair and from donations, Ms. Baeza could use about 15 rolls of clear contact paper (18"x20'). In order to help extend the life of the paperback book covers, contact paper is adhered to the cover to give it strength.

If you would like to help out, rolls are available at:
Target link  $5.99 per roll
Amazon link  $5.99 per roll

Please drop-off contact paper rolls directly to Ms. Baeza, or have your child give it to her during their library time.

Note: There is no actual deadline, but your help at your earliest convenience will be most appreciated. The sooner the contact paper is donated, the sooner Ms. Baeza can get all of the new books ready for students to check out.

Thanks for your support of the Brookvale School Library!