Membership Drive Winners!
Tue, Oct 10 4:29pm
Brookvale Elementary

We concluded fall membership drive last Friday. The top 3 classes with the highest member percentage are


1st Place (Gold): Ms Bi's class -2nd grade

Popular Book Series Set to Class Library

Playground Balls & Basketballs


2nd Place (Silver): Ms Garcia's class - 3r grade

Popular Book Series Set to Class Library

Playground Balls


3rd Place (Bronze): Ms Fulton's class - 2/3 combo)

Popular Book Series Set to Class Library


Let's give a round of applause to kids, parents and teachers of these three classes!


Besides the three frontrunners, Honorable Mention goes to

4. Ms Pearsall's class - 5th grade

5. Ms Hatfield class - 3rd grade

6. Ms Chug's class - 4th grade & Ms Rice's class - 4th grade

8. Ms Luo's class - 2nd grade

9. Mr Bobosky's class - 6th grade

10. Ms Cheng's class - 1st grade


Thanks for joining PTA. We strive to create a supportive community for our kids.


Bronco Gallop, the biggest fundraiser was kicked off last Friday with dunk tank, Taiko drum and laughter.  Bronco Gallop assembly will be held this Friday.  Parents, grandparents, siblings are welcome to watch.  Our PTA has planned a series of exciting activities for this school year.   The full execution depends on how much we are able to raise*.  


Thanks to parents, teachers and school staff for continuously supporting PTA!



(*Our per student goal is $100/student.  Our school wide goal is $35,000.)