PTA Awards Assembly
Sat, Dec 23 10:40am
Brookvale Elementary

PTA held a Student Award Assemblies Friday, December 15th to recognize individual students and classes who have done exceptionally well in our PTA activities: Bronco Gallop fundraiser, Membership drive, Reflections Art Contest, Box Tops, etc. .Eight Bronco Gallop fundraiser top winners from each grade will take the limo ride and have a pizza lunch date with our principal Mrs Hicks. The winners are:

  •  Isabella Garcia Padilla (TK, Ms Divizich)
  • Jacob Sanchez (K, Ms Uyeda)
  • Jessica Bai (1st, Ms Cheng)
  • Lewis McColgan (2nd, Ms Fulton)
  • Neer Patel (3rd, Ms Ynzunza)
  • Marcelo Urbano Paras (4th, Ms Chug)
  • Andy Li (5th, Ms Maciel)
  • Heather Hughes (6th, Ms Dillon)

The top class for fundraiser is Ms Fulton’s 2/3 combo class.

Those eight families have contributed 10% of the total amount raised during the Bronco Gallop. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for their above and beyond effort to support Brookvale PTA!

The top three classes for PTA Membership drive are Ms Bi (2nd), Ms Garcia (3rd), and Ms Fulton (2/3 combo).

Throughout the fall, Brookvale PTA has sponsored a STEAM Museum assembly, a laser assembly, Diwali dance celebration, and a parents workshop on family life. 
In the spring, we will continue to fund classroom and departmental needs as well as bringing music, drawing, and BMX Bike Performance assemblies and a Chinese New Year Celebration.

We’d like also thanks to all the parents who have volunteered in PTA activities, and teachers who have given us suggestions and feedback. Thank you!

We wish all a happy holiday! Have fun!!