PTA Elections for 2019-20
Thu, Jan 24 5:30pm
Brookvale Elementary

PTA Elections for 2019-20


Are you interested in knowing what happens at Brookvale, and having a say in how PTA where your money is spent and what activities PTA sponsors? Do you have an hour a week, an hour a month or just an hour the entire school year?  If so, PTA would be happy to have your help! 

Below are the open board positions for the 2019-2020 school year. There is NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY for any of the positions, we have a wonderful team of parents available to help and coach. If you would like more information about any of these or other board, committee, or volunteer positions, please contact Madhan at or Uthra at

Board Positions

The President oversees the work of the PTA and ensures that the budget meets the goals of the PTA, directs the officers and chairpersons in compliance with bylaws and budget. Attends Fremont Council PTA meetings and prepares agendas and presides at PTA meetings. President is an advisory member of all committees and is involved in activities across the board. Also prepares/submits necessary forms and documents to the Fremont PTA Council.

Attends all PTA meetings and records minutes. After the meeting, distributes minutes to a reviewing committee for edits and approval and then filed in record at next meeting.

Maintains bank statements and issues checks for approved expenditures. Responsible for filing all required government forms including income tax and provides year-end financial report. Treasurer is also responsible for keeping track of allowed expenses and maintaining reconciliation reports and treasurer’s reports each month. Please note, previous accounting experience is NOT required.  

VP of Membership 
Plan and organize annual membership campaign and promotes membership throughout the year. Collect dues and distributes membership cards.

VP of Programs
Plans and organizes PTA events and programs, including Bronco Gallop, assemblies, etc. Recruits and coordinates volunteers for PTA programs. If you are creative and a highly enthusiastic, you would be the perfect volunteer for this job!

Conducts a mid-year and year-end audit of the PTA financials.

Responsible for ensuring PTA bylaws followed and responsible for reviews bylaws and updates them to reflect the actual functioning of the PTA. Assembles the nomination committee at the February meeting, and works with the nomination committee to solicit nominees to present in a ballot at the March meeting.

Keeps a record of PTA activities, collects and adds up volunteer hours and showcases its successes by completing and submitting Annual Historian Report Form to Fremont Council at end of school year.

We are also looking for a trainee for the non-elected position of Communications Chair, to work with Rebecca and learn the communications ropes. The Communications Chair works with the President and school administration to keep families aware of PTA activities, events, and updates by utilizing Konstella, website, Facebook, posters, flyers, etc. Although a knowledge of WordPress or design is not required, a certain amount of tech savvy is very helpful.