PTA Membership Reminder
Mon, Oct 2 11:41am
Brookvale Elementary

Membership drive will end this Friday.   Do remember to sign up on  Brookvale PTA website  or

drop of the membership envelope into the beautiful membership mailbox in the office by Friday, 10/6/17.


Top 3 classes with highest membership percentage will win a set of super popular books for their classroom libraries and many playground balls.   (The former prize was suggested by parents and the later by teachers.)  


Current top 7 membership classes are 


1. Ms Bi's Class (2nd grade)   and  Ms Pearsall's class (5th grade)

3. Ms Hatfield's Class (3rd grade)

4. Ms Cheng's Class (1st grade)

5. Ms Rice's Class (4th grade)

6. Ms Becker's Class (1st grade) and Ms Luo's Class (2nd grade)


Why 7 classes? Because the numbers are so tight that 1 or 2 more members in a class can change the entire ranking by Friday!


Besides parents and students, teachers and  school staff have also joined PTA community.  

Welcome on board, everyone!



 * Membership drive ends this Fri. However, membership is an year-around event. Join any time!