PTA Sponsored Assembly -"From Earth To Mars"
Thu, Dec 12 8:45am-11:00am
Brookvale Elementary
7 days before

Dr. Pascal Lee is an internationally known planetary scientist and explorer. He is the author of Mission: Mars, a nonfiction book on the future human exploration of Mars.  Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut, had these words of praise: “Pascal Lee is a true pioneer of Mars exploration. This book makes me want to put on a spacesuit and go to Mars!”


Dr Lee's presentation is adapted STEM content for Grades 1–12. 

From Earth to Mars

Humans going to Mars will be the greatest adventure in space exploration this century. How will we get to Mars and how will we explore the Red Planet? Dr Lee draws from his research at NASA, in the Arctic, and in Antarctica, to offer a firsthand, behind-the-scenes account of ongoing efforts to get humans ready for Mars.


Session 1:  8:45am - 9:35am 3-6

Session 2: 10:05am-10:55am  TK-2