Parent Workshop Resources
Wed, Dec 13 12:06pm
Brookvale Elementary


Thank you to Anya Manes and all the parents who attended the helpful and eye-opening workshop last night! For those who were not able to attend, Anya has provided us with some additional resources:

Dear Brookvale Elementary parents,

Thank you to Laurie for organizing, and thank you all for attending the workshop on answering your kids’ questions about sex.  I hope you got a ton out of the evening!  Here are some resources that I think you’ll find helpful:

  • I promised you a books list!  Hopefully you got to flip through the books I brought, and here’s a handy list of my favorite children’s books and books for parents.
  • The infographic you received as a handout.  This one is in color and you can click on any piece you’d like to learn more about and be taken directly to the source.
  • The Top Ten Conversations to have with your child about sex and relationships, with age guidelines.

On the feedback form, several of you said that you would have liked more examples, especially of age-appropriate questions and answers.  My plan was that by practicing, you’d hear both the questions and various ways of answering them.  Unfortunately, that activity kept getting interrupted!  The other needs in the room were pressing, and we didn’t have the full 2 hours for this workshop.  I usually reserve this resource for my clients, but since we really didn’t do very much of it in the workshop, here’s a video of me modeling answering questions BRAVELY with my daughter’s finger puppets.

Thank you for stepping up and having these conversations with your kids!
In support of you,