Place Your Child in Their Konstella Classroom - Simple Instructions
Wed, Oct 6 5:07pm

2021-2022 Classrooms Are Ready

Each school year the classrooms on Konstella are archived, cleared, and new classrooms for the current school year are added. All Konstella users remain in the database, and you do not need to re-register.

Connect with other parents in your child's class and build community! To best utilize Konstella’s functionality and directory, you will need to place your child(ren) in their new classroom(s). This is a simple process that can be done from a web browser at or from the Konstella mobile app (Android or iPhone). Instructions are attached.

If your child is no longer at Brookvale, and you would like to be removed from the database, please contact us at

Thank you,
Brookvale PTA Konstella Admins