Please Submit Photos for the Brookvale 2020-21 Yearbook
Thu, Oct 29 4:26pm

This year we won’t have the usual student portraits, assemblies, field trips, sports, or classroom photos to include. So we have to be creative, and most of all, we have to rely on YOU to send us your photos from home. Here are some ideas:

  • you at your home workspace
  • you with your pet(s)
  • you with your favorite book
  • you with your favorite toy or stuffed animal
  • outdoor activities or sports you participate in
  • other extracurricular activities (chess, art class, etc.)
  • family activities
  • your Halloween costume
  • family celebrations (birthday, holidays, etc.)
  • what you did for school Spirit Days
  • you with a favorite class or group project you did
  • a science experiment, computer project, library or PE activity you did at home
  • 6th Graders: your baby photo! And a selfie!
  • What else can you think of that will make this yearbook special?

If you want to be in the yearbook, you need to send a photo!


  • If there are other people in your photos, make sure you have their permission to submit the photo.

  • Submit highest size jpeg or tiff photos, and include your full name, grade, teacher, and description with each photo.

  • Not all photos submitted will be included.

Please submit photos via the Google form:

If you do not have Gmail, you can also email photos (and questions) to


Thank you so much!


Please Note: The yearbook is not a PTA project, but we want to help spread the word to the Brookvale Community. Please direct all questions to Rebecca LeGates at