Please drive safely and respectfully
Tue, Mar 6 2:12pm
Brookvale Elementary


Here are a few tips for making drop-off and pick-up frustration-free and, most importantly, safe:

  1. Obey all signals from the crossing guards. Always cross in the crosswalks. (The white-striped speed bump is NOT a crosswalk).
  2. Drop off in Drop-off zone only, not in the street. Pull all the way forward to drop off, so others have room to drop off behind you.
  3. Don’t park in red zones, crosswalks, or on corners. Don’t double-park or block the road.
  4. Don’t u-turn in front of the school. Don’t use neighbors’ driveways to u-turn.
  5. Don’t block neighbors’ driveways when dropping off or picking up.
  6. The entrance to the Los Cerritos parking lot is not a drop-off zone, please pull into a parking space.
  7. School parking lot is for teachers and staff only.

And remember, always be aware of the kids around you when you are driving, and be respectful of other parents. We are setting the example and teaching our kids how to be safe and respectful.

Thank you!