Reflections Art Ceremony
Tue, Dec 11 6:15pm-7:30pm
Brookvale Elementary
1 day before

Reflections Art Ceremony

Please come to our Reflections Art Ceremony on Tuesday, December 11th, from 7–7:30pm in the MPR. To see the artwork display and participate in the PTA meeting, we encourage parents and families to come early. Doors open 6.15pm.

We have received a record high entries for 2018 Reflections Art competition. Our Brookvale judges were deeply impressed by our kids’ artistic talents.  Here are the winners by art category and by age group.

2018 Reflections Art Competition Results

Primary: Seher  (1st –  Ms Gow)
Intermediate: Nyla (4th – Ms Bloss)

Primary: Serafina (1st – Ms Rodriguez), Dev (1st – Ms Rodriguez), Sarath (1st – Ms Uyeda)
Intermediate: Kanak (4th – Ms Browning), Nyla (4th – Ms Bloss), Mansi (5th – Mr Bobosky), Abinav(3rd – Ms Haller)

Primary: Apoorv (2nd – Ms Bi)

Primary: Dominic (2nd –  Ms Strickland)
Intermediate: Lewis  (3rd – Ms Luo), Sidhanth (4th –  Ms Stephens), Kathy (4th –  Ms Browning)
Middle: Aniela (6th –  Ms Chug), Annika (6th – Ms Dillon)

Primary: Shreyank (2nd – Ms Yee), Dominic (2nd –  Ms Strickland), Yashaswini (2nd –  Ms Bi)
Intermediate: Sia (5th – Ms Pearsall), Edward (5th – Ms Summers), Harmonie (3rd –  Ms Fulton)
Middle: Carolyn (6th – Ms Chug), Annika (6th – Ms Dillon)

We would also like to honor the following rising stars whose artistic talents can not be denied:

Rising Star Visual Arts: Nila (2nd –  Ms Cheng), Eliza (3rd – Ms Luo), Varun (4th – Ms Stephens)

Artworks will be displayed in Brookvale school library from Monday, December 10th, and in the MPR just prior to the December 11th ceremony. Celebrate our kid’s creativity, as well as parent and teachers’ encouragement. Without all of you, we would not have achieved so much!