Regular Meeting of the Board of Education - Agenda
Wed, Jan 10 4:30pm
Education Center Board Room, 4210 Technology Drive
For those parents who may be interested in attending, here is the agenda for the next Board of Education meeting. Open session starts at 6pm.  Public comment for items not on the agenda usually begins between 7 and 7:30pm.
Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, January 10, 2018



Improved student achievement

  • Common Core implementation
  • LCAP as a tool for ensuring high levels of achievement for ALL students
  • Technology as a teaching/learning tool
  • Achievement gaps

Quality school facilities

  • Fiscal accountability to deliver remaining projects and judiciously monitor Measure E contingency
  • Collaboration with City of Fremont (land/facilities)
  • Relationship with city/developers
  • Overcrowding

Enhanced personnel development


Parent/Staff/Student/Community engagement

  • Improved communication across the system

Responsible fiscal stewardship

  • Child Nutrition Services shortfall


  • Start meetings on-time and keep breaks on-time;
  • Scheduling items for effective flow;
  • Complete research, preparation and reading before the meeting;
  • Keep comments and questions succinct;
  • Have board president offer thanks (to presenters) for the entire board;
  • Give presenters a set amount of time to speak, remind them and enforce respectful limits;
  • Stop side conversations/talk.