TAW - Please Remember Other Staff Members
Wed, May 6 1:45pm


Teacher and STAFF Appreciation Week


May 4 - May 8, 2020


As we prepare for TAW next week, we encourage everyone to remember the other staff at Brookvale beyond your child's homeroom teacher. Along with the 25 homeroom teachers, Brookvale has nearly 30 additional staff members that work with your children and keep the school running. Please consider sending a digital token of appreciation to some of the individuals below.


  • If you are a sending a picture to your child's teacher, why not send it to other staff members that are meaningful to your child or family?
  • While common in the business world, avoid placing the homeroom teacher in the "To" field and adding other staff members in the "CC" field of your message. Put them all in the "To" field or send a separate message to each individual.
  • Be sure to include details like your child's full name, grade, and homeroom teacher so that the staff (who may see 600+ children daily) can identify which child the message is from.

Office Staff

Malinda Elliott, Principal - melliott@fusdk12.net
Lena Anderson, Secretary - lenaanderson@fusdk12.net
Karen Joe, Office Assistant - kjoe@fusdk12.net
Theresa Baeza, Librarian - tbaeza@fusdk12.net
Davette Bullis, Nurse - dbullis@fusdk12.net
Alexander Herskovich, Psychologist - aherskovich@fusdk12.net
Victoria Tanaka, Counselor - vtanaka@fusdk12.net

Prep Teachers

Eric Bables, Computer Lab - ebables@fusdk12.net
Shannon Browne, Science Lab - sbrowne@fusdk12.net
Tisha Tinsley, Physical Education - ttinsley@fusdk12.net
Thomas Phy, Physical Education - tphy@fusdk12.net


Deborah Afana, Resource - dafana@fusdk12.net
Gina Burchfield, Speech - gburchfield@fusdk12.net


Brenda Godfreybgodfrey@fusdk12.net
Parvathi Manikandanpmanikandan@fusdk12.net
Nandini Devanagondi Muniyappandevanagondimuniyappa@fusdk12.net
Latha Naveenlnaveen@fusdk12.net

Support Staff

Tammy Holloway, Custodian - tholloway@fusdk12.net
Jabari Harris, Custodian - jharris@fusdk12.net
Maria Irizarry & Staff - Cafeteria Services - mirizarry@fusdk12.net

Noon Duty Supervisors

Alysia Coco - *
Nasima Durani - *
Harold Francis - *
Maisoon Hassanin - *
Madhavilatha Karanam - *
Pavani Nemuri - *

*For anyone without an email address, please forward your appreciation message to the TAW Chair at tawchair@brookvalepta.comList the recipient's name in the subject line (ex. Please forward to Harold Francis, ex. Please forward to Noon Duty Supervisors), and she will make sure your message is forwarded to the correct person/people.

Thank you for supporting all the staff members at Brookvale!
Brookvale TAW Committee