TAW - Thank you!
Mon, May 20 10:04am
Brookvale Elementary

Dear Parents,

TAW was a huge success!
The teachers and staff had a
great time being appreciated
Under the Sea last week.
Now it’s time to appreciate all the parents, students, and sponsors that came together to support and thank our wonderful teachers and staff.

Thank you to the volunteers who:
- Coordinated the collection of thumbprints for the keepsake project.
- Decorated the staff lounge and P2.
- Provided setup and cleanup support.
- Donated lots of delicious food.
- Arranged floral decor.
- Created beautiful handwritten signs, logos, and flyers.

A big thank you to all of the parents and students who:
participated in the appreciation event days by sharing flowers, cards, and gifts.

Also, thank you to our generous community sponsors:
Cold Stone Creamery, Dino’s Restaurant, East Bay Cafe Depot, The Flower Shop, Lucky Supermarket, Noah’s Bagels, Olive Garden, Sprouts, Starbucks, and Trader Joe’s.

Our teachers and staff had a fantastic week.
Thank you!
TAW Planning Committee

Here are some highlights from the week...
More photos here.