TAW Reminder for Wed. 5/6 - Parents Send a Note
Wed, May 6 1:38pm


Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week


Parents Send a Note


Wednesday, May 6: As sincere as it gets 

Send a heartfelt note to your teacher and Brookvale staff.

Parents and guardians, maybe you still remember the kind-hearted teacher who took time out of her personal life and stayed after class to help you when you were a kid. Brainstorm with your child about the teachers’ influences in our lives, and write a letter to your child’s teacher. A personal note from the parent filled with details and appreciation will bring warmth to your child’s teacher in this isolated situation.

Brookvale Staff Directory of email addresses found here.

Send questions to: tawchair@brookvalepta.com

Thank you for supporting Brookvale teachers and staff!
Brookvale TAW Committee