Teacher Appreciation Notes
Mon, Dec 20 2:25am

Hello everyone,


Before I get to the notes, I too wanted to share my appreciate for everyone's support at our Hot Cocoa Fundraiser -- Thank you to everyone that volunteered and showed up! I also want to add an extra bit of gratitude to everyone that made a donation in person or virtually through our website!  I look forward to hosting more of these events in the future.


With winter break looming, I thought it would be a great time to send our superhero teachers home with some homework. Please see the attached downloadable PDF and have your child fill it out and bring it to class before Wednesday of this week to let our teachers know how much we appreciate them and how much it means to be back in a classroom this year.


If you can't download the PDF, have your child create their own -- anything to remind our teachers that they're appreciated. 


Thank you again and I hope you all have a wonderful break!



Ricky D