Teacher Appreciation Week (LAST DAY!)
Thu, May 5 8:41pm

Hello again families!


Although, tomorrow, Friday the 6th, may be the last day of TAW, know that showing and expressing appreciation supersedes any set days on a calendar and can take place anytime. Thank you to everyone that has showed up for our teachers in much the same way that they show up for us and our children every day. 


If anyone missed flowers on Monday, letters on Tuesday or gifts on Wednesday, feel free to bring them tomorrow anyway! Today the teachers enjoyed a catered lunch from Mazzeh Grill and tomorrow morning we will have Peet's coffee and Pie Dreams pie for them to kick the day off/close the week out. None of this would of been possible without all of you -- so thank you again and THANK YOU TEACHERS!!


I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead as we countdown the days until summer!!