Teacher Appreciation Week 5/2-5/6 *WE NEED YOU!*
Wed, Apr 27 10:53am

Hello families, 


Teacher appreciation week is next week and, with your help, here is how we plan to show our teachers how much we appreciate their unwavering dedication to our children and their growth.


5/2 - Bring a flower to school for your teachers. These can be flowers you purchased from a store or flowers you picked from your own yard. 


5/3 - Bring your teacher a handwritten note. Parents, this one's for you too! I've attached some templates that can be downloaded for children to color and write in, but you're not limited to these. You can purchase a card or make your own.

Here are some writing prompts:

  • I feel special when you:
  • You make school fun because:
  • One of my favorite memories with you is:
  • The best thing you've taught me is:
  • You're important to me because:

5/4 - Bring a gift for your teacher. We will be putting together a gift on the behalf of all parents and families in our Brookvale community, but you're still encouraged to personally gift anything that you'd like to give. I'm certain it would mean a lot to our teachers.


5/5 - Lunch for teachers. We will be catering lunch from Mazzeh Grill for all staff and faculty on the behalf of all parents and families in our Brookvale community. 


5/6 - Breakfast for teachers. We will be catering coffee from Peet's Fremont and Pie from Pie Dreams on behalf of all parents and families in our Brookvale community. Both of these items are being fully donated by each company.


Lastly, let's remember ALL of our staff and faculty -- Principal Mrs. Elliott, Counselor Ms. Tanaka, Office Secretary Ms. Lena and Office Admin Ms. Jennifer. Computers Mr. Bables , Science Mrs. Brown, Special Education Mrs. Gina,  PE Ms. Tinsley and Librarian Ms. De La Rosa to name a few. It truly takes a village and everyone there is an integral part of our children's success.


If you have any questions about the schedule please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Thank you!