Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week Plans
Wed, May 6 1:46pm


Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week


May 4 - May 8, 2020


It is time to start thinking about ways to appreciate your child's teachers and Brookvale staff!

This year we must share our appreciation and creativity digitally. Please do not deliver, mail, or ship cards or gifts to the school. There are no staff members on campus on a regular basis to receive these items, and we do not want any kind gestures to not make it to their intended recipients.

Daily Themes
The PTA has put together the following list of ideas for ways to celebrate each day of TAW. Be creative! Send one kind gesture during the week or do all five. Just make sure to take a moment to thank our wonderful teachers and staff for all they do! (Full details, ideas, and examples below.)

Mon. 5/4 - students send a poem
Tue. 5/5 - students send a picture
Wed. 5/6 - parents send a note
Thurs. 5/7 - students send a video message
Fri. 5/8 - families send a digital card and/or an e-gift card

Digital Delivery
Please use email or your classroom apps to connect and share with teachers. Don't forget prep, specialist, office, and other Brookvale staff. Email addresses for all Brookvale staff members found here.

PTA Contribution
The PTA will be sending a digital card from the board members to all of Brookvale's staff. The TAW budget will be used to purchase a gift for the school. More details will be shared once these plans are finalized.

Send questions to: tawchair@brookvalepta.com

Thank you for supporting Brookvale teachers and staff!
Brookvale TAW Committee


Monday, May 4: As uplifting as it gets

Send a poem or quote to your teacher and Brookvale staff.

During these uncertain times, our teachers and staff will appreciate something that is uplifting. Let’s begin our week by sending a poem (that you found or wrote yourself) or a quote with a message that would share a positive vibe during these tough times.


Tuesday, May 5: As beautiful as it gets

Send a pretty picture to your teacher and Brookvale staff. 

Be it a drawing, a craft, or a photo you took of the beauty in your surroundings. You see the beauty, but not your teacher, especially when confined in their own place. Why don’t you share a picture with your teacher so that she can see?


Wednesday, May 6: As sincere as it gets 

Send a heartfelt note to your teacher and Brookvale staff.

Parents and guardians, maybe you still remember the kind-hearted teacher who took time out of her personal life and stayed after class to help you when you were a kid. Brainstorm with your child about the teachers’ influences in our lives, and write a letter to your child’s teacher. A personal note from the parent filled with details and appreciation will bring warmth to your child’s teacher in this isolated situation.


Thursday, May 7: As fun as it gets

Send a video message to your teacher and Brookvale staff. 

Your teacher must have missed you very much since the school closure in March. Make a video of a performance you want to give, a reflection of your distance-learning experience, or a joke you want to tell. Have fun and share the joy with your teacher.


Friday, May 8:  As creative as it gets

Send a digital card to your teacher and Brookvale staff (along with an e-gift card if you would like).

While the only way to show our appreciation at this moment is digitally, we can be creative. Materialize your appreciation into a digital greeting card, along with an e-gift card if you would like. Here is an example of the digital card from our PTA board to the school staff to get you started—inspiration abounds!