Update from Brookvale PTA
Mon, Apr 6 8:24pm

Dear Brookvale Families, 

We hope you are all doing well and keeping up good spirits during the Shelter-in-Place. We are in unchartered waters and for the past three weeks, we have all watched and participated in our children’s distance learning efforts, as we adjust to the current scenario.

As social distancing seems to be critical to keep the crisis in control, a lot of responsibility shifts to parents, caregivers, and the family as a whole, to keep our children safe and mentally and physically fit.

While this is a difficult time for everyone, it is also a great opportunity to take time out of our busy lives to play, talk and spend time together as a family, do projects with the children to keep them engaged, and so on. Feel free to share your experiences on our Facebook page or email us about an inspiring project that you did together as a family!  Let's work on building a positive community feeling online to boost each other’s spirits during these interesting times!

As schools will stay closed for the remainder of the school year, our PTA is canceling our regular meeting scheduled for April 21. Instead, we will have a meeting on Tuesday, May 19, which will be a virtual meeting for the executive committee. We would like to have an association meeting for the rest of our PTA members as well, but we will need to verify and add the members for that meeting. If you are interested in joining, please email us, so we can know how to proceed.

Thank you,
Uthra Srinivasan
Brookvale PTA, President


To contact us, please email the PTA at President@brookvalepta.com  or Communications@brookvalepta.com.


Let us know if you would like to:

  1. Share information with us
  2. Give suggestions, feedback, or input
  3. Ask a question
  4. Join the Association Meeting on Tuesday, May 19


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