What Does It Mean to Look Within?
Sun, Oct 13 8:42am

Reflections Art Competition

Days left until submission deadline*: 8


Many parents and kids puzzle over the Reflections theme this year: LOOK WITHIN. We have asked both kids and adults what the theme means to them. Here are some of the different perspectives we have gathered to help stir your creative juices:

  • Think that you are inside something big! (Kid)
  • What is the emotion inside you? (Kid)
  • What is a physical object or a place that your kids have connections with and make a story around it! (Parent)
  • What is inside your kid's dream world? What is his/her fantasy? (Parent)
  • And "The only journey is the one within.” ― Rainer Maria Rilke

We are looking forward to seeing what kids see when they LOOK WITHIN!

For more information on Reflections, check the PTA website or email reflections@brookvalepta.com.

Your Diligent Brookvale PTA - Art Reflections Team

*Submission Deadline: Monday, October 21, at 3:30pm