Why Should Kids Participate in the Reflections Art Competition?
Tue, Oct 8 9:38pm

Why Should Kids Participate in the Reflections Art Competition?

Days left until submission deadline*: 13

The Reflections submission day is less than two weeks away. Here are five reasons that your kids should be a part of the event: 

  1. The Reflections art competition is a platform to showcase kids' artistic talents. It’s their time to shine! 
  2. It is a chance to let kids think outside the box and do something different.  
  3. All participants will be in the spotlight—not just the winners. Artwork (visual arts, photography, and literature) will be displayed in the library for all teachers and students to admire. In the past, participating kids have loved being at the center of attention. They worked hard, and therefore, they deserve to have their work shared for others to enjoy.  
  4. The young artists receive trophies and certificates at the Award Ceremony. They are all superstars! 
  5. It benefits classrooms. Classrooms with the highest participation rate will receive awards such as art supplies. Teachers will then have the opportunity to do art projects with the whole class.  

For more information on Reflections, check the PTA website or email reflections@brookvalepta.com.

Your Diligent Brookvale PTA - Art Reflections Team

*Submission Deadline: Monday, October 21, at 3:30pm