Yearbook Photos Needed
Wed, Feb 5 11:47am
Yearbook Photos Needed!
The Brookvale school yearbook is in production, but photos are still needed (as listed below). This is not a PTA project, but we wanted to send a request for you to forward photos ASAP, but no later than Friday, February 21st.
Please email photos according to the following guidelines:
  • Email directly to Rebecca LeGates at
  • Include a description: teacher, activity, event.
  • Send "high res” or “original size” photos. Don’t worry about emailing a large file size. It is necessary for good quality printing. Also, if taking photos with a phone, don't zoom in. The photos end up being too pixelated to print.
  • NO Halloween or Bronco Gallop photos. Rebecca already has plenty.
  • Send ASAP, but no later than Friday, February 21st.
Teachers - everyday classroom photos still needed:
  • TK - Schumacher
  • K - Whiting
  • TK/K SDC - Hsieh
  • 1st - Fang
  • 1st - Schilling
  • 2nd - Strickland
  • 3rd - Fulton
  • 3rd - Haller
  • 3rd - Luo 
  • 3rd - Rodriguez
  • 4th - Bloss
  • 4th - Stephens
  • 5th - Becker
  • 5th - Bodinger
  • 6th - Bobosky
  • 6th - Dillon
  • 6th - Summers
Activities/Events/Preps - photos still needed:
  • Spirit Days - have Twin Day, but need others
  • Field Trips - need a few more photos from one more field trip (NOT Exploratorium or Levi's Stadium)
  • Talent Show
  • Choir
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • 6th Grade Selfies