Yearbook photo submission deadline is MARCH 1st, 2021
Wed, Jan 13 9:57am

Yearbook Photos Still Needed!

Yearbook photo submission deadline is

MARCH 1st, 2021

This yearbook will be very different from previous yearbooks. In past years, working with Lifetouch, there was always a format to follow: student portraits for every class, many annual school activities. This year will not include Lifetouch portraits, and won’t follow the past pattern.
We are relying entirely on photos submitted by families.

We would love to receive at least one “portrait” photo from each student. These will be on the Classroom pages, with a list of names of all the students in the class/grade.

Other optional photos that we’d love to see (these will be used for the non-classroom pages, which would normally be things like Assemblies, Field Trips, etc.) are your student:

  • in their home workspace
  • with their favorite pet/toy/book
  • doing a special extra curricular activity or sport
  • on vacation
  • participating holiday traditions
  • in their Halloween costume
  • participating in Spirit Days
  • other photos you would like to share

6th GRADERS! Please submit your baby photos ASAP!


  • If there are other people in your photos, make sure you have their permission to submit the photo.

  • Submit highest size jpeg or tiff photos, and include your full name, grade, teacher, and description with each photo.

  • Not all photos submitted will be included.

Please submit photos via the Google form:

If you do not have Gmail, you can also email photos (and questions) to

We are still exploring our options for yearbook printing and distribution. Information for ordering your copy of the yearbook will be sent out closer to the end of the school year.

Thank you so much!